First Week in the AFL

This first week in Arizona has passed by very quickly.  I’ll try and keep this post a little shorter after hearing from numerous people that I wrote a novel in my first post (Thanks Vais).  Currently the Desert Dogs possess a 4-3 record after an exciting 9th inning, 3-run rally to defeat the Peoria Javelinas 5-4 earlier today.  As of now, we sit atop the National League Division.  We’ve had plenty of solid pitching performances as well as timely hitting.

The team is really starting to come together in both the clubhouse and on the field.  Everybody seems to be having a great time so far and hopefully that will continue.  We have a great mix of talented pitchers and hitters.  Its always beneficial to be around players from other organizations and have the opportunity to learn from them, especially the older players along with those who have played in the bigs already.  I feel like I have gained a great deal of knowledge in a very short span of time and look forward to learning more in the many weeks ahead. 

After the first week I have been reassured that this league is going to be a big challenge.  The Twins players have been playing well so far.  Lahey recieved his first win tonight and Slama his first save after both tossed solid innings.  Tolleson, Martin, and Valencia have already demonstrated what they are capable of doing with the bat.  Martin hit a towering home run on Saturday against the Scottsdale Scorpions in our 9-4 win.  Delaney has continued to do what he always does and just deals.  He is sitting right next to me as I write this and telling me not to put that so I had to.  Sorry Rob.  As for me, I started on Thursday and unfortunately recieved a loss.  I felt good out on the mound, but still gave up a few hits resulting in a few runs.  As always, I have things to continue to improve on and this is the perfect place for that. 

In all, I have seen some very impressive performances in the AFL.  Max Scherzer has shown why he is in the big leagues.  Numerous players have shown their power potential to all sides of the field.  Each game is literally like an all-star game.  I have never seen such a collection of hard throwing pitchers.  I thought that I threw fairly hard but was quickly put in my place after seeing so many guys throwing in the mid 90s and higher. 

So far everything about this place has been great.  Delaney and I are currently living with my aunt and uncle in Scottsdale and couldn’t ask for a nicer setup.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks and my next start tomorrow against the Peoria Saguaros.  Thanks to everyone who has read my blog and provided posts.              




    I enjoyed reading your blog. See you next week, we will have cookies!!

    Bob, Sherri & Johannes
    From WI

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