Week 2 in the AFL

As quick as the first week passed, week two went even quicker.  The temperature is finally starting to cool down here in Phoenix, which has provided for some very pleasant night games.  Currently the Desert Dogs sit in second place in the National Division with a record of 6-8.  I have seen plenty of impressive performances by many players on the team along with the Twins players.  Delaney, Slama, and Lahey continue to throw well out of the pen.  Slama threw an easy, scoreless inning with 2 strikeouts in today’s game against the Peoria Javelinas.  Valencia has really impressed with his defense at third along with Dustin Martin in the outfield.  Today he made a great running catch that saved a run.  Tolleson continues to hit well and play solid defense throughout the infield. 

My dad was able to make a visit to see me out in Arizona, but, unfortunately, he was unable to see me pitch.  I really wished that he could have seen me throw in my second start against the Peoria Saguaros, but was glad that he missed my most recent start against the Scottsdale Scorpions.  Nevertheless, we had a great time during his visit.  It was been amazing having most of my relatives living in the Phoenix area.  On Saturday and Sunday morning my uncle, dad, and I went quail hunting and fishing near Lake Bartlett, which is situated northeast of the Phoenix area.  As much fun as I had, I realized that I need to polish my shooting skills and learn to avoid walking into cactus.  I got a nice workout walking through the rocky terrain and managed to stay injury free.  To my surprise, I did not encounter a single snake.

Everything has been great so far in the AFL.  Nothing beats playing against top talent day in and day out.  In addition, it has been great to play at so many nice spring training facilities.  Thanks again to all the readers.  Hopefully I can get some guest bloggers from the Twins on here pretty soon.    


  1. tatessmer@hotmail.com

    Glad to hear you avoided coming across any snakes or injuries in your hunting adventures! šŸ™‚

  2. want2cuddle@hotmail.com

    I used to live in Phoenix, I’m sure you’re loving it. You can’t quail hunt in Fort Myers….Please tell Slama congratulations šŸ™‚

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