Week 3 in the AFL

First off, I hope that everybody had a chance to read Rob Delaney’s guest blog.  In addition, congrats to Delaney and Anthony Slama for being chosen as top relief pitchers during the 2008 season by Milb.com.  In the past week, the Dogs have played great and emerged as the top team in the National Division with an 11-8 record after today’s 10-2 win over the Peoria Javelinas.  I think that we’ve scored 10+ runs in our last 5 games which is very impressive considering the tough competition that we face every single day.  The team has pitched just as well.  Both the starters and relievers have provided the team with every chance to win.  Although, it always makes things much easier when the offense can put up so many runs.

Everybody in the Twins system continues to play well, especially Steve Tolleson who has remained one of the top hitters in the league.  My last start went much better.  I feel that I am accomplishing many of the goals that I had set for myself, especially slowing down my curveball and change-up.  In addition, I have improved my slider into a very reliable pitch, both ahead and behind in the count.  It will be a pitch that I plan to utilize a good amount next season as I have seen how effective it can be against top hitters. 

Outside of baseball, everything has been great.  There is so much to do around Phoenix and everybody is having an awesome time.  Thanks again to all of the readers and take care.        


  1. snapperfan@hotmail.com

    Hi Jeff,
    We have enjoyed following your ’08 season and reading your blog while in AZ. We enjoyed hearing from Rob too. Give him our congratulations for being honored as MiLB’s vest reliever. (Was that really his picture?)
    It’s good to hear about the other Snappers there in AZ too – Steve, Danny and Tony. We hope you are all able to enjoy the off season and get some needed R & R.
    Glad to hear you are able to stay with relatives and be with family.
    We find delight in remembering your time in Beloit.
    Pat & Ken

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